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Dilery Sanchez Hülsenbeck


Dilery Sanchez Hülsenbeck was trained in contemporary and classical dance

in Mexico City between 2002-2013. From 2009-2013 she studied contemporary

dance at Contempodanza Space in Movement with an extra emphasis on Pilates.

Since finishing her studies, while following her career as a dancer, she

has been teaching Pilates Matt classes for groups and private classes for

the last seven years.*

*Her class is playful, energetic, caring and detail-oriented with a focus

on alignment and placement. Participants are asked to dig deep and pay

attention to where the muscles are in space and to what they should be

feeling. This will improve balance, strength and flexibility. *

*Throughout the class there should be an awareness of what’s happening in

the body to achieve a feeling of success. *

*The class is open to all ages and no prior experience in Pilates is

needed. *