Vivien Roos


Vivien Estelle Roos, a Contemporary dancer is based in Berlin and works as a Choreographer as well as teacher for Dance, Yoga and Pilates. Her focus lies on researching Dance Improvisation in various forms and spaces inspired by the minutia in everyday life. The world around her and within her (her inner sensations, memories and emotions ) are an everlasting source of inspiration to create dance. Vivien sees the body as a choreographic object which is a model of potential transition from one state to another in any space imaginable, she moulds and sculpts it into new and imaginative forms. She has worked with choreographers including Kirstie Simson, Robert Clark, Bruno Caverna, Herman Heisig, Felix Ruckert, Michael Laub and Angela Woodhouse. Her work has been shown in cities such as London, Berlin, Kiel, Bremen, Vienna, Oslo, Serbia, Delhi and Srinagar, where she has also taught Workshops in Hatha Vinjasa Yoga, Dance Improvisation, Site Specific- and Somatic Dance-Workshops.


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