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Sara Jane Reddig

Profi Training

My class is a combination of my RAD based training and all I’ve learned during my 23 years as a professional dancer. Throughout my career, I was honoured to work with some of the world’s leading dancers, teachers, and choreographers, and I am proud to pass on my experience in any way I can. Placement is the key to a strong technique, and I strive to find a balance between controlling one’s “center”, while still maintaining complete freedom of movement. Whether for professional reasons, for keeping fit, or just purely for pleasure, we are all dancers in the studio, each making a personal contribution and all working for the same goal. I enjoy the team work involved to make the class a success and hope that each dancer feels a sense of achievement and satisfaction for all his invested hard work and effort. Teaching is a learning process and I never cease to be impressed and surprised by the dancers I meet.